Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Water birth...

      I have not been on here at all in a long time!! I  want to start writing more loads more!! I am pregnant  with our second child I am 22 weeks we are having a little boy we are naming him Weston Garrett. Our 3 almost 4 year old is super excited about having a baby brother every where we go she tells everyone she is going to be a big sister and points to my belly and says my baby brother is in there! =) That makes me so happy that she will be at the perfect age to have another child she understands is able to fully help in her eyes.
     We are planning on trying to have a water birth. I was induced with Zoei so I just had her in a natural bed birth. With Weston I want to try and have him naturally and hopefully not have to be induced! I love the benefits of a water birth. It is suppose to relax you while you are in labor. You will be able to have skin to skin right after the baby is born they will not take him right away. It is less stressful on the baby. I love that Zoei will be able to be there with us and experience everything. That was my biggest request I want her as envolved as possible so she doesn't feel like he is going to take her place! 

I am still new to this I am sorry that my post or my blog isn't to fancy. I hope to keep writing about things. <3 

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