Wednesday, August 19, 2015


   Hello there,

        I'm sitting outside waiting for my next class as I am writing this. It is absolutely beautiful here on campus. Today's weather has been amazing there is a refreshing breeze with crisp fresh air. Its just beautiful here. I am extremely glad we moved back here to Oklahoma. I hope this weather means fall is on its way. 
    I'm on day 3 of college so far so good. I'm taking 4 classes plus working full time as well. This will be a challenge for me. I have great support to help keep me on track. Classes are going great so far. My English composition class will probably be my hardest class.
     Zoei is doing great in her homeschooling. I'm very proud of her. We have so many field trips planned for her to enjoy this year. I am happy with my choice to homeschooling Zoei. She is enjoying it plus having lots of fun.
   This is a spur of the moment post so it's pretty short.

Have a great rest of your day. :)

Friday, August 14, 2015

Why hello there.

    I have been super MIA. We have been adjusting to moving to Oklahoma. We are pretty settled in now. I have decided to go back to school since we are settled. =) I will be working and going to school so it will be a challenge for me . Nothing I can not handle though. I am stoked to be going back to school.

Speaking of school , Zoei will be going to 1st grade. We will be homeschooling her again this year. I am super excited this year. I have so many things planned for her. There are plenty of field trips and experiments that I can not wait to tackle.

    This is going to be pretty random since we have been so busy. I have gotten to can a few things since moving here. It has been really awesome. =) I have made yummy apple butter, chicken stock, canned beans, just canned tomatoes for the first time. I have made fresh bread like from scratch. I love that I can do this stuff it saves us some money. <3

    We have a guided waterfowl business that we started. Its going pretty good. So many opportunities have opened up for us here. I can't believe i will be going back to school either I start monday. I am super nervous. That is all I have for now. <3  

Saturday, December 27, 2014


9OWell we moved.  We are now living in Oklahoma.  Yes we moved.  We have been here for almost 2 months.  We are loving it.  We are more than happy here.  The kids are loving it. We have been super busy with trying to settle.  We are still not fully settled yet.  We have been able to decorate for Christmas though which makes me happy.  We actually have a mantel to hang the stockings on.

Zoei also has an elf this year. She named her lolly pop.  She has been doing some fun things.  Like hunting and decorating the Christmas tree.  
    I am loving it here. It is less stressful here than it was in Texas. Things have just literally fallen into place. I have a job and enjoy it. It is new being away from both kids but  Josh gets to stay home and watch them and work from home. <3 I will post a christmas post tomorrow.  

Friday, October 24, 2014


Hello There,

     There are so many things that are going on in our life right now. We will be moving the beginning of November to Oklahoma. I am excited to be in a new state and be able to get settled before Christmas. I just do not want to pack =/ packing is no fun at all.  Thankfully this process hasn't been too stressful for us. We found a house now just need to pack and move.

    We are going to take Zoei trick or treating then the next day we are heading to the new house. Zoei has been doing so well with her homeschooling. We have struggled a little bit with her not wanting to focus but I am sure that is all because of her age. I have decided to unschool her. Which means she pretty much choose about what she wants to learn instead of forcing a scheduled curriculum on her. It is going good so far.

    Let's talk about Weston. He will be one on Saturday. Sadly I will be at drill but that is okay because he will not remember. =) He is slowly trying to walk by himself. Today alone he has gotten up 3 times and walked a few steps before falling down. He know some of the signs I have taught him so I know what he wants. He is talking/mumbling more which is the cutest thing. We have lasted a year breastfeeding and cloth diapering. I am so proud of myself for sticking with it. i plan to try and breastfeed until he is ready to wean. I will cloth until he is potty trained. =)

Thursday, August 14, 2014



    Well I feel like I have a bit to say this will probably be an all over the place blog post. =) Sometimes those are the best. We decided to take the family on a little vacation before school starts. We went to Schlitterbahn which is a huge waterpark near us. Josh and I wanted to do some thing fun for Zoei before she starts school this year. WE had so much fun the 2 days we were down there. I made a water ring sling to wear Weston while Zoei was playing in the water. The ring sling was such a great idea it helped me so much to carry him in the pool and play with Zoei. It was super cheap to make. I will post a few pictures of our fun we had.  We were excited in this picture.

I absolutely love this picture. These 2 are my world. They love each other so much already I can not wait to watch their relationship grow even more over the years. 

     He is just too cute. I can not get enough of him. They actually had a baby kiddie pool that he could actually play in and sit in that wasn't too deep for him.

Zoei did so well swimming with no I say NO FLOATIES =) She was so excited to go under water and take pictures. She is so pretty looks like a little mermaid under water. <3

Now that you seen some of our summer fun pictures. Let's talk about school. This year Zoei starts kindergarten. Luckily I will be the one teaching her. Yes I am teaching her. We are not in a great school district so we decided to homeschool her plus I am excited to watch her learn. We have gotten a few books to use. I still have to buy a few. Zoei is excited about school. She loves to learn she is 5 so it will be fun trying to get her to focus when we are trying to have serious time. I am excited myself we have reviewed a bit and she has done so well. She is so smart. Here are the few books we have right now for her school. We have some really cool crafts that I have in mind for throughout the year. =) 

    I think I will end this post right now. The kids are in bed so it is now mommy time and I think I am going to go read and go to bed as well. = ) Thank you for reading Have good night. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

crunchy love co review

    Weston wearing his Crunchy Love Co. diaper. I bought this one when my husband told me I could buy another diaper. I was surprised this WAHM still had a diaper in stock. When she stocks her site they are gone within seconds. 
    I am very happy with this diaper It is a hybrid fitted. It has a snap in insert. I love it. I did a 4 hour test it passed. He has even worn it longer than that and has woken up dry. I am very impressed with how the diaper is made. The fit is great has a fold down rise if I needed it. I plan on buying more from this WAHM. Great quality. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

life is good...

Hello there,

    I just had my drill this weekend. It was only 2 days this time not to bad. Well while I was there I found out we had not 1 but 4 AT's this year. If you do not know what AT is that is the 2 weeks in the summer that you are suppose to do. Well my unit has 4 schedules this year they are spread out through the year not to bad but geez. I signed up for the 1 weekend a month and 2 weeks a year in the summer. Hey I will get paid good money for those 4 AT's so I can not complain much.

    Okay enough with my whoa is me. Weston has a little toofer coming in on the bottom gum. This will be his first tooth he is almost 9 months old getting his first tooth. EEK I am excited and sad. I am sad cause he will not have a toothless smile anymore. I think those are the cutest ones. He will still be cute with his one little tooth. Zoei is turning 5 this month! I can not believe it. Where has the time gone? This will be her first actual party that we have been able to put together for her where there are friends and family. I am excited for her and she is excited to.

    Right now I am relaxing on the back porch watching and listening to Josh, our friend Jason, and Zoei play in the pool. I had to get out to feed and lay weston down. I decided not to get back in cause it would be too much to put my swim suit back on. I am fine listening to them and the music playing while having an orange juice and rum. Weston is sleeping he looks so peaceful through his monitor.

    I am so blessed with such amazing friends and awesome family. I couldn't have asked for anything better. My life is going pretty good right now.