Monday, July 1, 2013



     I am unsure if anyone is actually reading this but I will continue to write and hope that some one will read and relate to me. I am in the process of getting out of the Army to go back to school to get a science degree. I figure that since I am am getting out I might as well go back to school and also be a mom again. I didn;t want to miss out on baby Weston's growing up so I decided that I would get out it would be better for my little family for me to get out and focus on our family and my education. I didn't miss out on Zoei's growing up and thought it wouldn't be fair if I missed out on baby Weston's. My husband is supporting me with this choice which is great I Have such an amazing and supporting husband. Through this process I have people asking why I am doing this and telling me that I am lossing money by getting out. Thank you for telling me but I have thought this all out not only that but my husband and I have sat down and actually talked it through and realized that we would be okay with me getting out financially and also emotionally. Yes I lose my pay check but I also gain the fact that they will be paying for me to go to school. I will still have medical to cover my family. I would love  it if people didn't jump to conclusions and let me worry about my family and our hardship that they know absolutely nothing about.

Sorry about that I have just been frustrated about the whole situation. On a better note I have about 2 months left in the Army. I have about 3 months left until baby Weston is born. We are going to be going on a little family vacation near the end of July to Arlington to go to Great Wolf Lodge and Six Flags. Zoei is going to love it. I can not wait this trip is much needed. I hope y'all are having a better start to the month than I am! =) We have a baby apt on the 8th I am excited I love hearing baby Weston's heartbeat. Oh yea we got an ultrasound done the other day and he looks like Zoei when she was still in the womb. It is really cute! This post is kind of all over the place.

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