Friday, October 4, 2013

Getting close.

Hello darlings,

         Well I am 38 weeks and 2 day Pregnant with baby Weston. We had a midwife appointment yesterday. We were told that we are at 2 cm dilated but that really doesn't mean anything. I have realized that the numbers they tell you don't mean anything and they just make you MORE anxious. I am super anxious for him to make his arrival. We are ready for him to make his appearance. Well My midwife told me that I can drink raspberry tea to try and naturally help the labor process a long with a list of other things. Well I invested in some raspberry tea to try and help. He is suppose to be due the 16th of October. So I do not have much longer. I have to do everything naturally or else I can not get the water birth that we have been planning on getting. That means I can not be induced, no pain medications, and not complications. I have had mild contractions since sunday but nothing intense. We are just taking it day by day. Weston got the hiccups for the first time on Sunday I was able to see and feel the little hiccups it was the cutest. The midwife said that I am measuring great and Weston is head down and in my pelvic area ready to make his appearance.  Here is a belly picture for this week. Do not mind my looks I was getting ready for bed and those clothes are comfy when you can not fit anything else. =) 

         Enough about baby Weston how about a little on Zoei. Before our appointment on Thursday Zoei asked me if the appointment was for her baby brother. It was so cute! She is extremely excited about Weston. She calls him baby brother. After our appointment we went to our local cloth diaper store they have these awesome earth friendly recycled toys there. Zoei has been wanting these magnetic blocks that they have there. They are called Tengu I believe. Well we were hoping to buy her some but when my husband (Josh) seen the price he said no. They were $60 bucks for a set of 22 blocks. We felt bad because she has been wanting some for a while. Instead of buying those we told her we would take her to look at Toys R Us to see if we can find her some blocks and they may not be the same. She was okay with this deal. We found her some lincoln logs that she wanted a way better price and she got more than 22 pieces. She was excited. We also found her Halloween costume there she is going to be Robin the super hero sidekick to batman. It is super cute. Zoei has been working on learning how to write her name. She has gotten the Z and O down now we have to get the in between down. I am so proud of her. She is simply amazing. She loves helping me with house hold chores. For a 4 year old she is very well behaved and helpful.  

           We had maternity pictures done a little while ago as well I will post a few of those pictures later. 

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