Thursday, August 14, 2014



    Well I feel like I have a bit to say this will probably be an all over the place blog post. =) Sometimes those are the best. We decided to take the family on a little vacation before school starts. We went to Schlitterbahn which is a huge waterpark near us. Josh and I wanted to do some thing fun for Zoei before she starts school this year. WE had so much fun the 2 days we were down there. I made a water ring sling to wear Weston while Zoei was playing in the water. The ring sling was such a great idea it helped me so much to carry him in the pool and play with Zoei. It was super cheap to make. I will post a few pictures of our fun we had.  We were excited in this picture.

I absolutely love this picture. These 2 are my world. They love each other so much already I can not wait to watch their relationship grow even more over the years. 

     He is just too cute. I can not get enough of him. They actually had a baby kiddie pool that he could actually play in and sit in that wasn't too deep for him.

Zoei did so well swimming with no I say NO FLOATIES =) She was so excited to go under water and take pictures. She is so pretty looks like a little mermaid under water. <3

Now that you seen some of our summer fun pictures. Let's talk about school. This year Zoei starts kindergarten. Luckily I will be the one teaching her. Yes I am teaching her. We are not in a great school district so we decided to homeschool her plus I am excited to watch her learn. We have gotten a few books to use. I still have to buy a few. Zoei is excited about school. She loves to learn she is 5 so it will be fun trying to get her to focus when we are trying to have serious time. I am excited myself we have reviewed a bit and she has done so well. She is so smart. Here are the few books we have right now for her school. We have some really cool crafts that I have in mind for throughout the year. =) 

    I think I will end this post right now. The kids are in bed so it is now mommy time and I think I am going to go read and go to bed as well. = ) Thank you for reading Have good night. 

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