Friday, October 11, 2013


Hello Darlings,

    I am up pretty early today. My nose is stopped up and I can barely breath! =/ this really sucks cause I don't know what kind of medicine I can actually take! =/ I am making me some oatmeal. Maybe even a hot glass of coffee or tea. We have a doctors appointment today to check on baby Weston. I am 39 weeks and 2 days in these pictures. <3 I can not wait until I meet this little guy! <3 Zoei picked her outfit out today and she matches. =)

    Last night I went to check on Zoei to see if she was sleeping and I caught her sleeping with her ninja turtle! It was the cutest things I have seen. I couldn't help my self so I had to take a picture of her. I love her so much. I am blessed to have such an amazing daughter!

    Well the appointment went well Weston is doing good. He is still not ready to make his appearance. We scheduled our next apt and induction date. We are hoping he will come naturally cause I do not want to be induced. I am going for an all natural labor and delivery. If I get induced then I can not have the water birth that I want. My allergies are killing me. All the sneezing and stuffy nose. UGH I feel like poop. I think I will lay down for a bit. We made pork chops with pinto beans (Zoei wanted them) and some garlic butter noodles. I didn't think Zoei would eat the pinto beans but she ate all of her pinto beans. =) 

     I made us all some hot chocolate. I figured maybe it will help me feel better. My nose is still stuffy. =/ I don't think I can take any medicine. I love these cups. I got them from the dollar store. Zoei is drinking her hot chocolate and watching cartoons then going to brush her teeth and off to bed for her. I am thinking about getting some primrose oil to try and induce labor. My tea isn't working. I hope I can sleep good tonight! We are going to my mom's again tomorrow to watch the red river rivalry game! =) Josh will be making ribs. I hope y'all had a great Friday! Good night y'all! <3

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