Thursday, October 10, 2013


Hello darlings,

    Woke up and talked to my mom. Zoei and I are going to hang out with her today. We were on out way to my moms. Zoei was excited about wearing her watch. She said she was going to wear it all day and she did I am proud of her lol.
    We are eating lunch at Applebee's. I'm getting tomato basil soup and a BLT.  I'm so hungry. We are going shopping.  I'm hoping to get some more pants for zoei cause she is tall. Well I didn't find any clothes for Zoei so I am going to wait she has pants right now. Her grandma got her a ninja turtle and a book. I get to read her this book tonight before bed. She loves story time. Zoei is so excited about her ninja turtle. She is playing with him now and she has loads of bad guys she is beating them up.

    I am hurting we did a load of walking. =) It was so much fun I just hope that I have progressed from 2 cm to something else. I am tired I may lay down for a bit. We are making pizza for dinner since our pork chops were not thawed out plus we didnt feel like cooking. We have a baby apt tomorrow. It sucks though cause I have to see a different doctor cause mine went on emergency leave. =/ I painted my nails and Zoei's! I am loving this red color. =) I think my allergies are acting up. =/ I think I will end this post for this day.  I am going to go read Zo a bed story then she will be off to bed. =) I will follow behind her. Hope y'all had a great Thurs. Good night y'all. 

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