Sunday, October 20, 2013


Hello Darlings,

    Today we are just relaxing here at home and having a lazy Sunday. I think I am going to pick up the house a little since I have been slacking. I am tired but I need to clean the house. It s a little chilly here so I made some coffee this morning and Zo got some hot coco. I made her put a little sweater on cause it is a little chilly. I love this weather. I get to dress her in cute clothes. =) She is coloring and watching cartoons. My back is really hurting me this morning. =/

    I am on over clean mode. I am hoping that I can clean so much that I work this little man out and have a super clean house. The kitchen is the first room I started on. It is looking pretty good. I still need to sweep. I am watching the rest of the patriots game then I will be back at it. =) I also made pasta salad for lunch. I made myself a classic pasta salad. Josh loves ranch pasta salad so I made that for him. Zoei ate some corn dogs. =)


    I cleaned the kitchen and Josh helped me clean the living room! It is looking great in the house! I am excited I love a clean house. We made some brownies again. We are in the process of making fajitas for dinner. It smells delicious in the house. We are still watching football. My back is killing me. Zoei helped me vacuum the living room with her little toy vacuum. =) She even swept the kitchen for me I of course had to go behind her to re-sweep it.  We are going to watch the Walking Dead tonight.

    Zoei got her bath she smells like grapes! =) She is eating her brownie before she has to go brush her teeth and lay down! The Dogs are cuddled up on the love seat with me. We cleaned out Cupcake's cage she was excited. I gave her grapes for the first time she loved it. We are watching the Broncos vs. Colts game. I hope that me cleaning all day helps boost labor if not then I guess he will come when he does. =)

    This was Daisy playing with Cupcake when we cleaned her cage! =) I think I will soak in a hot tub tonight maybe even make a warm glass of tea. I am going to have me a brownie and then just relax since I have been cleaning all day. I hope I go into labor here soon. This will be it for tonight. I hope y'all had a great Sunday! Good night y'all! <3

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