Sunday, October 20, 2013


Hello Darlings,

    I am sorry I did not write a post yesterday. WE got up semi early got dressed ate then went to a baby expo that our hospital on post had. It was a load of fun there was a load of information there. We actually won a gift from there. Zoei got to bounce in one of those bounce house things. =) It was nice to go there and get information and free samples. One of the booths gave us 2 cute little knit hats for Weston.  This is what I wore. I am 40 weeks and 3 days.

    After the baby expo we headed to our house picked up the stuff to make gumbo then headed to my  moms. WE love spending our weekend at moms for family time. The dogs love going over there to play with her pups. I had to go to a baby shower so Josh stayed at moms while Zo and I went to the baby shower. It was fun Zoei got to play with kids.

    We went back to moms after the baby shower. It was nice Josh made gumbo for dinner. It was absolutely yummy. We watched football and hung out with friends. It was great to have friends to hang out with and just have fun. Josh got to cuddle with the dogs and Zo to watch some football. We stayed there for a while then we headed home and went to bed a little late. Zoei went to bed early though she was pooped from the fun she had. =)

    I guess I will end this post so it wont be a long one. I will write a new one for today! =) Sorry I  was unable to post yesterday! =) I hope your Saturday was a good one. <3

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