Friday, October 18, 2013


Hello Darlings,

    I woke up fairly decent today. I made Zo her morning cereal. I ate then I got Zoei and myself dressed. I let Josh sleep in a little bit since he wasn't feeling well. Then I woke him up to get ready we had a doctors appointment today. The doctor checked me today I am finally dilating. She stripped my membrane so hopefully It will help bring labor on. WE then went and ate lunch with my mom. We went to McAlister's cause we all wanted some soup. It was so yummy. After lunch Josh took our car and went home to relax cause he felt like poop. So Zoei and I went with mom to walk around thinking that would help some what with my contractions. I have been having loads of contractions. I really am hoping that I go into labor I really want to meet my little man. While we were at the mall I had to pick up some things for a baby shower that I am suppose to go to tomorrow. I also picked up Zo some pamjams cause she is growing out of hers. We also got her christmas jams cause every year we get pamjams on christmas eve. That is the tradition that we have made for our little family! =) You can never have enough pamjams. So I had to hide Zoei's christmas eve ones. Zoei took her bath for the night and is in her new pamjams. They are really cute she picked out the unicorn ones. I am drinking me a hot cup of my raspberry leaf tea to try and help progress this labor. I am about to tuck Miss Zoei into bed then I think I might head to bed myself. I will read a little bit. There is this baby expo tomorrow and I am thinking about going. I also have a baby shower to go to tomorrow as well. I am hoping Josh will go with me but I don't think he will. =/ It is okay though at least I will be able to get out of the house to have some adult time with friends lol. My lips have been horribly chapped I don't know what to put on them to make them feel better. I have put coconut oil , hydrating lip oil, and some lip butter on there but they are still dry and hurt. =/ I hope everyone had a great Friday. Good night y'all!

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