Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Hello Darlings,

    Good morning! I slept in a little bit. I had a really bad contraction this morning then it went away. Josh got up with Zoei for me and let me lay in bed for a bit which was nice! I love him so much. I am truly lucky to have such an amazing husband. <3 I am not really sure what we have planned for today I know we have to pick up some milk but I have gift card I would like to try and use. Maybe even do some walking around to maybe make my contractions stronger. =) I made us salad for lunch. It is romaine hearts with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, ham, turkey, cheese, croutons, and I used italian dressing! =) YUMM I also had a glass of water to drink with it. I have been trying to drink tons more water while pregnant especially since I have to drink a lot while breastfeeding since It is good for you! =)

    Well I don't think we are going anywhere today =/ bummer. But that is okay I like lazy days I guess. Making some bourbon chicken with rice for dinner! Zoei has been playing with her Ipad and playing outside with the dogs! =) It is really nice outside. Here is the bourbon chicken that we made It was really good I am picky when it comes to asian style food. I am letting my food digest for a little bit then going for a nice walk! =) Hopefully that will increase my contractions. Plus I can get some fresh air and I know Zo will love it.
    Zoei and I went on a little walk together she rode her scooter half the way then I had to carry it!! lol It was nice though. She had fun talking about the houses for sale in the neighborhood. Then we came across a fat frog! =) It was so beautiful outside. On our way home we seen a baby gecko. Zoei is taking her bath then she will be off to bed! =) I am going to have a cup of hot chocolate I think. Allergies are already starting in our household.
    I guess that is it for the night watching criminal minds then CSI then I will be off to bed. =) I am tired and feel like reading a little bit more of my book.  Going to make my hot chocolate now! So I hope y'all had a great Wed. Goodnight Y'all. <3

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