Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Hello Darlings,

    Good morning. I am tired yet again I was unable to get comfortable! =/ I woke up and my lips were super dry. I wish I could wake up with energy just like Zoei! She has so much when she wakes up.  I am going to catch up on bones since we did not get to watch it last night since we were at the football game. After the Weston is here Josh and I plan on working out together and getting healthy. =) He should be here soon. I don't think we are going to do much today. It will be a relaxing day! I plan on trying to relax a little today since we were pretty busy yesterday.

    Helped Zoei semi pick up her room. She has been playing with her Lincoln logs all morning! She is watching hoodwinked and playing in her room! She is simply amazing. I am blessed with this beautiful girl! Then she told me that I was the best mom ever! She really knows how to make me feel good! =) 

    I was able to put a load of laundry on. I need to put Weston's clothes in his room. I have to figure out how and where I want to store his diapers. Right now they are in a laundry basket. I still have to do the dishes and pick up the living room. I think I will do the dishes when we start dinner. =) We are making chicken fried steak, Mac and cheese, and green beans.

    We just finished dinner it was delicious! We are about to play with Zoei's Lincoln logs in the living room with her as a family while watching shows that we have recorded! I love when we have family time! I go the dishes done. =) After we are done with family time and then take a relaxing bath.  I am tired I am making my cup of tea then laying down to read.  This was pictures of our family time. Josh made the house with a garage! Zoei had loads of fun. 

    After we were done with our family time Zo took her bath got her new pamjams on and is in bed now. Josh is playing the video game before he goes to bed! =) I am going to read and drink my tea! Tomorrow I will be 39 weeks pregnant with baby Weston. Well that is all we have done today. I hope y'all had a great Tuesday! Good night y'all. <3

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