Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hello Darlings,

    Today I had a late start. I woke up super late. I could not sleep last night what so ever. I am in that horribly uncomfortable pregnancy stage where you can not get comfortable no matter what position you try to get comfortable. Since i didnt take Zoei to the park yesterday like I hoped to I think that is what I am going to do today! <3 I feel bad that I didnt get to. Today is SUnday football in our house. So we will be watching some football. Josh is a Patriots fan so that is who we will be rooting for. =) I am still tired. =( Tomorrow I have to go my local college to try and start going back to school. =) Hopefully that will be easy.

     Zoei has such a wonderful imagination. She is drawing up a plan to help Izzy(one of our dogs) She is locked behind a baby gate (boobytrap as Zo is calling it). I love that she has such a great imagination. =) I try and play along cause I want her to keep I dont want her to lose out on her childhood. <3 I will try to post a clip of her explaining it cause it is the CUTEST thing EVER. Well it wouldn't let me post the video =/ So I will just post a few pictures. These are from when we got Zoei her Lincoln logs. This is Daisy(the dog)

    We are at my mom's house watching the patriots game cause we don't have it in HD at our house.
Plus mom wanted Josh to make chicken and dumplings for dinner! =) YUMM Zoei loves coming to grandma's house. =) I went with my mom to pick up some things for the dumplings while we were out I was able to pick up a pair of maternity pants. I wanted to get a pair since it is getting chilly and I can not fit any of my pants right now and wont be able to for a little while after Weston is here. While I was out with mom Zoei rode on the riding lawn mower with her uncle Noah (my brother).

     Mom got herself a new mixer so she is using it to make a yummy apple crisp/crumble thing It is going to be so yummy. I love being able to spend time with family like this! =) I am so ready for Weston to be here. I am so uncomfortable. =(  I am going to end this post for tonight! =) It has been a great weekend. I am going to read some more of my book and hopefully I can actually sleep tonight! =)  I am going to make a hot cup of tea or something and sit on the porch since it is nice out side! I hope y'alls weekend was great! <3
Goodnight Y'all

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