Monday, October 7, 2013

Hello Darlings,

     Today was not such a late start Zoei woke me up around 9ish she comes in every morning and asks for a bowl of cereal. =) I have to go to the school to turn in my paper work and see when I can start school. I am nervous I haven't went to school in a long time and hope i can get back in the groove of it. This is to better me and my family. I just don't know exactly what I degree I want to go for. =/ I think I may just start with my general.  We went out to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch with my mom then to academy to look around I bought me a shirt that was on sale and Zoei a shirt so we could wear them to my brothers game! =)

    We had fun today. We went to my brother's football game at UMHB. Zoei enjoyed it. It makes me happy that I am able to go and do things with my family! =) They played at the new stadium that was just built for them. I am so proud of my brother! He is doing so well in college and with his life. =) They won the game 50 to 0 against Southwestern University. It was a good game the Crusaders (UMHB) didn't let their offense go any where.

     I  was able to get a few good pictures with my sisters camera then had to switch to mine that has a little less Mega pixels. I think we will be looking at buying a better camera. =) It was so much fun to watch a college game. Now It is just time for baby Weston to arrive.  These 2 pictures were taken by Miss Zoei she is a great picture taker. =)

    This post is really short we didn't really do much. I guess I will end this post for the night.  I am going to make me a nice hot cup of tea then soak in a warm bath. My body is hurting and ready for this little man to get here. We only have a week and a day left until he is suppose to be here! <3 I hope y'all had a great day. Good night y'all

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