Monday, October 14, 2013


Hello Darlings,

    Zoei and I are up and cuddling on the couch while she is watching Arthur! =) It is very gloomy outside. =/ We had our cereal from breakfast I am about to get me a nice cup of coffee. I slept okay last night. Zoei slept really cute last night I will post a pic of her. She is my world. I love her so darn much! <3 I can not picture my life without her or my husband. We just need baby Weston here to complete the little family! <3

    The dogs were cuddling last night too. It was cute. I am making Zo some chicken nuggets for lunch. The house needs to be picked up. We have to change cupcakes (the guinea pig) cage. It is raining and Zoei asked if we could go to the park I had to tell her no because it is raining.  Well since it was raining I thought it would be perfect to do some arts and crafts with her. We painted pictures and glued some streamer pieces to her name and a heart. She loves when we do stuff like that. I love when we can do stuff like that. <3 

    We made stir fry for dinner it was really yummy! =) I took a little nap after dinner then we watched the new episode of bones. Now I am watching a show on the computer! =) Zoei is cuddling with me on the couch. She is about to go lay down. I am getting tired. I may go lay down here soon. I hope y'all had a great Monday. Good night y'all! <3

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