Sunday, October 13, 2013


Hello Darlings,

    I woke up early this morning. I slept pretty good last night. Josh came in after playing video games for a little bit last night and cuddled with me. I love when that happens. He cuddled with me then told me her loved me. Melted my heart all over again. It was storming really good last night. My mom and I went to one of my best friends baby shower. I of course took Zo to she had fun. She was telling everyone stories. It is nice to get out of the house and have grown up time. =)

    I actually won a game at the shower I never win anything. I won the game where you guess the size of mommy belly. I got a sugar cookie candle it smells yummy. =) When my friend was opening her gifts Zoei took all the tissue paper. She made a pile with the tissue paper then ran and slid into the pile it was so funny. No one was expecting her to do that at all.

    I think I am going to put it in Miss Zo's room. Well I came home and changed into comfy clothes. Zoei just cuddled with daddy. I think she missed him all day! <3 He didn't want to go and be the only man there so he stayed home. Zoei is watching a movie and sitting with daddy while he watched football. New England vs New Orleans. We are New England fans. We made four cheese ravioli with chicken and sun dried tomato sauce. It was delicious. We are now just relaxing and watching the games that are on. Josh is waiting for the walking dead premiere. It is going to be a great relaxing night. I am wore out from today.

    My eyes are so heavy. I am trying to stay up so I can watch walking dead with Josh. I want to cuddle and watch tv with him. I am going to put a load of laundry on. This has been a pretty good weekend besides the Sooners losing to the Longhorns. We have had a lot of family time which is always super great. Now we just need Weston here to complete our  little family. <3. Found this picture on my phone from zo on the way home from the shower.

     WE watched the walking dead premiere. It was really good. I am about to go lay down in bed I am tired. Zoei is already in bed. Josh is going to play some video games for a little bit then he is coming to bed. My nose is stuffy again this stinks. I hope y'all had a great Sunday. Good night Y'all! <3

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