Thursday, October 17, 2013


Hello Darlings,

    Woke up early with Zo today got her some cereal and she watches some cartoons. I laid back down I am just so worn out. :( ugh it is really annoying I get more than enough sleep but I still wake up tired. 

    Zoei and I are hanging out with my mom today. Josh still isn't feeling good. So I figured I would try to take Zo to the park and get some walking in to try and get Weston here. Then when I get home josh said we can make some diapers and a few wetbags. :)

    Well we were out all day with my mom. We took Zoei to the park and walked around the trail there. I ran a little bit hoping that would boost labor. So far nothing yet. =/ Zoei had fun at the park though which is a plus. Then we went to pick my sister and her friend up from school. We went to eat at Ihop then headed to my little brothers football game. They won the game. He caught a touchdown pass! It was great I was yelling so much I was also hoping that would help with labor nothing yet. I think I will be heading to bed now I am exhausted we have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. I hope y'all had a great Thursday! Good night y'all! <3

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