Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Hello Darlings,

    I have not written anything today. Normally I start writing in the morning and add to it as my day goes on. It is now 5:54 and I am just starting. Today I haven't felt very good. My back has been hurting really bad. I woke up super late then took a nap. I guess I am trying to rest before Weston decides to make his appearance. I was suppose to be due today but He has not shown any inkling on showing up. I have had a few stronger labor pains but not enough to go in. I have an appointment on friday.

    We are making pork loin, asparagus, and mac and cheese for dinner. We have the pork loin in a brine. I hope it turns out really good. We made brownies together they are so yummy. We had to go to the store to pick up some milk. While there we grabbed some bread and grapes for Zoei. She ate all her apples that we had so she needed some more fruit. We are going to watch criminal minds and CSI tonight. It is getting chilly out here which is awesome I love dressing Zoei in warmer clothes. It feels so good outside. I wish we had a patio set so I can sit outside and write.

    Poor Josh isn't feeling good. I think it is this weather change going from 80-90 to 50's. My stuffy nose is gone it is just runny now!  =/ I feel bad that Josh is sick. I don't have any pictures for today's post. We watched our shows. Zoei passed out in her room while we were watching them! =) it was the cutest thing. I went in gave her night kisses and tucked her in. Daddy went in and gave her kisses to. She is fast asleep still I am about to head to bed. I am super tired! =) I hope y'all had a great Wed. Good night y'all.

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