Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cloth diapering

Hello there, 

    I have been cloth diapering for 6 months now. I am more that happy with how it has been going. I was told while I was pregnant by many people that I would not like it or I would not do it. Well look at us now we are 6 months in and still going strong. I absolutely LOVE cloth diapering and would offer to other people who are willing to try it out. We are still breastfeeding so we still have the breast milk poo so I can just throw them in the washer. We will be starting solids here soon so that means I will need to get or put together a diaper sprayer. This is an awesome journey. 

    I have been contemplating switching all my brand diapers to fitteds. I love the way fitteds look and feel. They are so soft. While we have been cloth diapering Weston has not had a rash. I also use cloth wipes which makes things so much easier I can wipe his booty and throw the diaper and wipe in the pail to wash. This is such an easy process a lot may think it is super hard but I find it simply myself. 

    I wash every 3-4 days with my routine I do a cold rinse with either oxi clean or a little bleach (I know a lot of mommas steer away from bleach but I feel that the diapers need to be sanitized every once in a while.) then I do a HOT wash with a cap full of All free and clear. Then I do another rinse. They the drying part  normally I hang the covers over the dryer. If the weather is great then I will hang my pockets and AIO's out to sun dry. The sun is a great way to get rid of the poo stains if there are any. The inserts and prefolds I just toss those in the dryer unless they NEED to be sunned. If the weather isn't nice out I will either hang all the diapers over the dryer or toss in the dryer on a low temp. 

   This is just awesome cause I have not had to spend a dime on a disposable diaper and that makes me happy. I love that I can just put a shirt on with a cute diaper and call it a day in the summer. =) I just thought I would share my experience thus far with my cloth diapering journey. Even thoughI dont know if anyone is really reading this.  

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