Sunday, April 13, 2014


Hello there,

    We started a little garden on April 3, 2014 right before I left for my drill weekend. =) In this post there will be pictures of the little sprouts that we have to this day. We planted squash, carrots, cucumbers, cantaloupe, and daisy's cause Zoei really wanted to plant some. We even got her a little pot for her daisy's! So lets get started with the pictures.  The first picture is of us putting the seeds in the little pods to start the growing process then will transfer them to a outside garden. 

    Zoei was so excited to plant the seeds. She helped me put the bigger seeds in such as the cantaloupe and squash. The other seeds were super small and didn't want her to drop them. She was such a big help though. 

This is 5 days later they started sprouting.

This is after 6 days a few more started to sprout. 

This is 8 days after we have planted the seeds they are growing great! =)  We should be able to transplant them soon. Zoei keeps asking about picking the carrots. I have to explain to her that they are not ready to be picked yet and we have to wait a little longer. 

This is exactly 10 days after we planted them. They are growing so well. Even her little daisy's are sprouting. The cucumber and squash are booming. Not much longer before we start putting them outside to get use to the light. 

Thank you for reading. I will be posting more on the little garden as I feel the progress worth writting about. =) Hopefully we can get some nice veggies out of this. 

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