Saturday, December 27, 2014


9OWell we moved.  We are now living in Oklahoma.  Yes we moved.  We have been here for almost 2 months.  We are loving it.  We are more than happy here.  The kids are loving it. We have been super busy with trying to settle.  We are still not fully settled yet.  We have been able to decorate for Christmas though which makes me happy.  We actually have a mantel to hang the stockings on.

Zoei also has an elf this year. She named her lolly pop.  She has been doing some fun things.  Like hunting and decorating the Christmas tree.  
    I am loving it here. It is less stressful here than it was in Texas. Things have just literally fallen into place. I have a job and enjoy it. It is new being away from both kids but  Josh gets to stay home and watch them and work from home. <3 I will post a christmas post tomorrow.  

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