Friday, August 14, 2015

Why hello there.

    I have been super MIA. We have been adjusting to moving to Oklahoma. We are pretty settled in now. I have decided to go back to school since we are settled. =) I will be working and going to school so it will be a challenge for me . Nothing I can not handle though. I am stoked to be going back to school.

Speaking of school , Zoei will be going to 1st grade. We will be homeschooling her again this year. I am super excited this year. I have so many things planned for her. There are plenty of field trips and experiments that I can not wait to tackle.

    This is going to be pretty random since we have been so busy. I have gotten to can a few things since moving here. It has been really awesome. =) I have made yummy apple butter, chicken stock, canned beans, just canned tomatoes for the first time. I have made fresh bread like from scratch. I love that I can do this stuff it saves us some money. <3

    We have a guided waterfowl business that we started. Its going pretty good. So many opportunities have opened up for us here. I can't believe i will be going back to school either I start monday. I am super nervous. That is all I have for now. <3  

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